The Vision: “E ho’ohälau i ka hale a piha i nä makamaka” (Fill the house full with intimate friends)

                                                                                      HALAU KE ONAONA O KA HAKU

*If you are interested in dancing in the Halau please contact sister Linda Ching (553-5100) or sister Suzanne Bishaw (553-3406)


"Ko Makou Ike Pono"

To honor God by using the cultural gifts of language, songs, chants, dance and instruments to glorify and worship Him


EQUIPPING- "Ko Makou Kumu Hana Ho'omaukaukau" (to make ready, prepare)

Learning and developing your God given talents.  To teach hula as a cultural expression of worship.  To teach language through songs and chants.

EDIFICATION- "Ho'oikaika O Hemolele" (encourage/strengthen;perfect, holy, pure in heart)

Finding one's place in the halau ministry and home church to serve and minister.  To use hula as a vehicle to teach cultural and biblical values, morals and character to participants and to exemplify these in our lives

EVANGELISM- "Aloha I Kekahi I Kekahi" (love;others)

Sharing and communicating the love of God through outreaches

EXTENSION- "Ho'opili Mai A Me Ho'oponopono (to bring together, united (as friends); to make right)

Walking in excellence in one's family, school,work and community




The heart of God is for native cultures to be as He designed them and purposed them to be.

The heart ofGod is for each person of each culture to become a child of His Kingdom and that each might know and understand who created them to be in Him within the uniqueness and dignity of their own culture.

God will use His spirit of Aloha that He has deposited in the Hawaiian Culture to bring healing, restoration, and freedom, not only on our island and in Hawaii, but all over the hurting and needful world.

God requires of us ha'aha'a (to remain humble before Him and each other), pule mau ana (incessant prayer), fasting and a call to holiness.

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Sunday, Jan 20 at 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday, Jan 26 at 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Sunday, Jan 27 at 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM